A warm welcome to WabiSabi Kimono


A warm welcome to WabiSabi Kimono. Having lived in Japan close to 10 years, I have developed a strong interest in, and passion for, the beauty of Japanese art and aesthetics. The kimono offered here come from all over Japan and are carefully selected for their beauty and charm.

“Wabisabi” is a Japanese expression combining “wabi”, which is the beauty of imperfection, and “sabi”, which is the beauty/”patina” developing with age. Every kimono offered at WabiSabi Kimono is unique. They are all hand-stitched, and the fabrics display the rich variety of patterns and techniques available in Japan. Some are hand painted and others with “shibori” (tie-dye in various techniques). Through their use, they may have received imperfections, but also developed in beauty. This is what I like about old kimono – they have their own personality and wabisabi. Having purchased also stained and ripped kimono for the beauty of the fabric I now explore upcycling this fabric into jewelry, bags and accessories.

The fabrics and patterns of Japanese kimonos are fantastic and the shape of the kimono, as garment, very universal. Our mission at WabiSabi Kimono is to spread the appreciation for kimono and Japanese textile art in general and to encourage its use, as part of our wardrobe and everyday life. We have divided the garments into five collections – Home wear, Street wear, Men’s wear, Interior decoration, and Accessories –  with the aim to inspire you to use these Japanese treasures in your own favourite way.