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Antique Japanese baby girl's vest, great for decoration or toddler wear

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Either as a wall hanging or as a special gift to a toddler, this antique Japanese baby girl's vest is a precious piece of cultural history. Very often children's ceremonial kimono have big stains and defects as they are typically used in a temple ceremony followed by a fancy family meal where food and/or drinks may have spilled on the beautiful outfit. However, this vest is in great condition!

Tied at front with ribbons, it has a white silk edged big collar. The silk fabric is filled with traditional symbols for good luck and longevity such as pine trees, Mt Fuji, a samurai on a horse, and the powerful ocean. Cream white silk lining also in great condition. The vest is nicely padded throughout giving it shape and presence.

The measures are 40 cm (15.7 ") from neck to base and the width at the bottom is 32 cm (12.6").

Hung on a bambu pole, this vest makes a great interior decoration wall hanging. It is also in good enough condition to enjoy wearing if you are a toddler/young girl. A beautiful, multipurpose gift!

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