Handbag with shoulder strap: repurposing/up-cycling antique Japanese kimono

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It hurt my heart to put the scissors in this beautiful vintage furisode kimono, but the bottom part was heavily stained and it was not possible to wear. This handbag is made from one of the sleeves depicting the classical symbols for luck, fortune, longevity; bamboo and chrysanthemums in mild, sweet colors and gold. The base is very mild pistachio colored silk with woven branches. The big patch of old pink with shibori can symbolize either a cloud or a sea/lake... The bag is made to fold and has a layer of padding to make is slightly sturdier. It seals with a bone button and cotton string. Lined with the original kimono lining in cream-colored fine silk. Black shoulder strap.

The measures are 9" (23 cm) wide, 8.5" (21cm) high if folded and 13.5" (34cm) unfolded. The strap is 50" (128cm) long.

We hope you enjoy giving new use to this beautiful fabric!

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